Vegetarian Starters

Paneer Tikka

Cubes of Indian cottage cheese marinated in aromatic spices and chargrilled.

Chilli Mushrooms (Indo/Chinese)

Fresh button mushrooms Indo/Chinese style.

Chilli Paneer (Indo/Chinese)

Indian cottage cheese, cooked in a Indo/Chinese Szechuan sauce.

Chilli Mogo (Indo/Chinese)

Indian Red Recommendation, “CASSAVA” tropical root vegetable, crisply fried in a chilli Indo/Chinese sauce, with spring onions, garlic and green peppers.

Paneer Hariyali

Indian cottage cheese marinated in mint and coriander.

Veg Sizzler

Paneer, mogo and aloo (potato) cooked in fresh Indian spices and served on a sizzling hot plate.

Tandoori Aloo

Potatoes stuffed with special indian herbs and spices.

Krispy Veg

Fresh mixed vegetables cooked in a indo/chinese sauce.

Tandoori Mushrooms

Button mushrooms, marinated in indian spices & cooked in a clay oven.

Mixed Pokoras
Onion Bhaji
Vegetable Samosa
Aloo, corn Tikki